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Co-washing Concerns

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Hello beautiful people! This is IMPORTANT information for any clients who are co-washing their hair. Co-washing is great and helps soften the hair BUT.. If you are co-washing you MUST use a deep cleanser every other time you co-wash. The reason being is that we need to get ALL of the buildup off of your scalp so that your pores will not become clogged and your follicles will be healthy and able to grow. If you do not include a deep clean into your curl regimen it is possible to experience hair loss, scalp irritation, slow growth and damage of the lengths because you are NOT cleansing the build up off the hair to breathe and then receive moisture. Devacurl’s “Build up Buster” was created for this reason. However, some clients need something a little stronger then “Build Up Buster” depending on the styling products they are using. Not all sulphates are then same. Some are of higher quality and necessary to get a deep clean in with your regimen. Please contact us if you are not using a deep cleanser and we can help you chose the right one for your regimen. We love you all! And want the best for your beautiful hair! -Management 💗 281-508-7257 (text for fastest response)


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