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3 NON Commitment Styles to Express Yourself this Summer!

Would you like to do something fun and new with you hair? Are you afraid of commitment when it comes to changing your style? Here's 3 tips on things you can do to change it up but revert back easily if you so choose.

1. Go with temporary or semi permanent color. If you already have blonde locks these colors with show up beautifully in you hair and fade out easily, leaving you with a new pallet to do something new!

 2. Love long hair but are board with your style? Try some bangs! They can totally change your whole look but leave your long locks in tact!

3. Try some boho braids! Check out YouTube for some awesome tips on easy DIY braiding! It's will help you stay cool in the heat of the Summer and add some flare to your hair!

Adorned Beauty Parlor in Seabrook Tx will make sure your ready to rock this summer! Book your appointment today! And don't forget to like us on Facebook!

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